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Dubai Visa Change Guidelines

Visa In DubaiDubai Visa Change Guidelines

Please send the documents and make the payment 2-3 working days before the expiry of your current visa to start processing your Dubai Visa Change and secure the availability and peace of mind.

The passenger should be in Sharjah Airport as early as possible 3 hours before their flight schedule or around 8:00 am if the flight schedule is after 9:00 am (even if the flight is 2:30 pm or 6:00 pm).(Once we received your exit stamp / electronic gate that is the time we can start to process your NEW UAE VISA)
Go first to HALA SERVICES (2nd Floor), Show them your Passport and Ticket. Pay the service charge of AED 50. They will make a stamp “OK TO ACCEPT PAX” in your ticket.
Go to AIR ARABIA Counter check-in in. (They will give you 2 boarding pass)
After you receive your boarding pass. You can go now to IMMIGRATION (2nd Floor). Wait for your queue line to make an Exit Stamp in your Passport.
After you finish immigration, you can look for a comfortable place to send your Exit Stamp. After we received your Exit Stamp, we will confirm and inform you about the status of your Application.
While waiting for your Flight and Visa you can stay in Food Court (restaurants and comfortable seats are available)
60 minutes before your flight you can go to your respective Boarding Gate.
Once you reach your destination, DO NOT GO DOWN, DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPLANE, wait for the Flight Attendant to assist ALL VISA CHANGE PASSENGER. They will inform you what to do.
Just in Case your Visa is not yet approve upon re-entering Sharjah Airport from your flight. You can stay again in Food Court (restaurants and comfortable seats are available) until your Visa will be approved.
Once we notify that your Visa is already approved. Go to VISA COLLECTION. Pay AED40 for printing of your New UAE Visa.
Finish. welcome back to UAE.IMPORTANT NOTE: Visa Approval is the at the sole discretion of Immigration Officer. We process your Application in URGENT. 80% it will be approved on the same day after we apply. Another 10% visa will be approved in the next day. Lastly, 10% it will be approved the following next day. We do our BEST and efforts to process your application as much as possible on the same day, however, we are just a tourism company and the approval depends on Immigration. We will inform you once we get the approval. our working time between 09:00 am until 7:00 pm. for any inquiries after 7:00 pm, please call +971524927811

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