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Visa In DubaiKazakhstan

Kazakhstan is known for its immense landscapes, fantastic nature and amazing culture. The traditional nomadic lifestyle laid the basis of current way we live and love. Being the lucky successors, we are happy to carry on the core Kazak tradition of hospitality, saying, “A guest is a sacred person in Steppe”.

We are glad to share our treasures with travel fans and nature enthusiasts by presenting the most interesting places “on the menu”, so that everyone could choose the delicacy and make his/her trip tasty! The guests are invited to our travel buffet, also called “Dastarkhan” here. Feel the freedom of a Nomad and try your own recipes – take the places as main ingredients, and dress them with spicy activities:

– try horse riding and become a shepherd, even for a day
– visit yurta and taste the horse milk
– walk deeper in the nature and enjoy the wildlife
– explore the glaciers of the majestic Tian Shan
– get on a bicycle and ride across the endless highland pastures